What You Need To Know About DUI Charges

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When being charged with a DUI, there are a good number of processes. Before even ending up in this situation, it might help you to understand what the consequences of DUI charges are. There is some information that is important to know.

DUI Charges and You

Mostly, the charges for a DUI are fairly similar between the fifty states. Each state has their own approach to the issue. It is best to be informed about the laws.

First, you are pulled over because a police officer believes you may be under the influence. They will ask to give you a breath test or field sobriety test or ask you to submit to a blood test after you are arrested. If you refuse, there are penalties for refusing.

You should understand that you only have a short time to avoid suspension of your driver’s license, the impounding of your vehicle, and other problems which could be solved if addressed immediately. Only expert legal assistance will help get this done.

At a point during the process, consequences cannot be avoided. You may not yet know how helpful a good attorney from a firm such as Romano Law, P.C. will be. Their expertise can make a significant difference in penalties.

DUI Charges and Attorneys

There could be grounds on which your case could be forced to drop. If any of your rights were violated, such as first or second amendment rights, then the charges can be avoided. Your attorney will start working on all strategies immediately.

DUI Charges Affect Your Life

No matter what the DUI charge is, you do need to understand that it will never go away. It will always be on some record somewhere. You can discuss with your attorney the possibilities of taking the charges off your record in the future.

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