What to Ask your Personal Injury Attorney

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Personal injury law offers you the opportunity to be fairly compensated for any loss or damages you might experience as a result of another party’s negligence. If you’re the victim of an accident that was in no way your fault, hiring such a lawyer enables you to demand compensation for your suffering.

The saying accidents happen is a common phrase in most regions. However, sometimes those accidents could have been avoided and are the results of undue negligence on someone’s part. In such cases, it’s only fair for the victims of such tragedies to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. This is where personal injury law comes into the picture. This section of the judicial system allows you to sue the party responsible for an accident that led to you experiencing any losses or damages. Hiring a personal injury lawyer ensures you have appropriate representation when presenting your claim in court.

There are a lot of options in the market when it comes to law firms dealing with such cases — hiring an excellent option such as Austin personal injury attorney Dan Christensen requires you to carefully go through your choices before making a final decision. It’s crucial that you pick an appropriate candidate to suit your particular case for the best chances of success. There are some ways you can obtain information about various firms, including online reviews and official testimonials. However, meeting with a potential candidate is always the best way to retrieve firsthand data.

Scheduling an initial meeting with a law firm allows you to personally gauge their merits for yourself. This helps you determine whether they are the best match for your needs. A good way to obtain information during these meetings is by asking a variety of relevant questions. Some of the queries that any capable law firm should be able to answer include:

Who should I sue?

Though the guilty party may seem obvious at times, the answer is not always as transparent as you would think. In some cases, multiple parties can be implicated in an incident, so finding the candidate most responsible for the event is crucial. Let’s say you buy a cellphone from a store, for example, that later on malfunctions and explodes causing you injury. Choosing the person to sue can be a tricky subject. You can either opt to file a motion against the store you bought the cellphone from, or sue the manufacturer of the product.

How long could my case take?

Some cases are of the open and shut category, so to speak, while others might drag on for an unprecedented time. How long a case takes is an essential element as this could also determine the total legal fees incurred. The shorter the case, the lower your expenses are likely to be. An honest lawyer will be straight up with you about the chances of a quick victory.

How much should I ask for?

The potential sum that can be rewarded in a personal injury case will depend on elements such as the kind of loss and damages suffered and the guilty party’s level of blame. Your attorney should be able to calculate a reasonable amount using these factors easily.

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