What is Express Divorce?

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Unfortunately, marriages do not always end as you would wish, that is why couples who want to divorce without long waits can apply for an express divorce, as it is a much quicker and more agile way to dissolve the marriage. In addition to being able to carry out procedures much faster, the costs are much lower.

What are the Requirements to Apply for an Express Divorce?

When it comes to processing an express divorce, it is necessary to be able to meet a number of requirements for it to be possible to carry out the entire procedure in a satisfactory, fast and effective manner. When requesting an express divorce, it is necessary to bear in mind that not everyone can avail themselves of this procedure, since it is necessary to fulfil a series of indispensable requirements for the process to be continued.


It is necessary that it be divorce by mutual agreement, that is, the two matured adults agree to initiate separation proceedings and wish to end their marriage. If there is no agreement between the parties, it will be necessary to take the slowest and longest way to proceed to dissolve the marriage and follow the steps to carry out the traditional marital break that has been carried out until recently.


Express divorce should not be made only by mutual agreement. In addition, the spouses must be content with the terms or conditions agreed, such as custody of the children in common of the couple, the use and enjoy the family home, the regime of visits to the children of the couple, alimony, the distribution of the couple’s marital property, among other points.


It will be essential that at least a minimum of 3 months have elapsed from the time the spouses were married in order to request the dissolution of marriage.


It will be necessary to provide all the necessary documentation, information and data to the lawyer so that he can proceed to process the express divorce. It will be necessary to provide the literal certificate of marriage, the birth certificate of the common children, as well as the certificates of registration of both spouses.

And, finally, whether they are both spouses or one filling with the approval of the other, you must request an express divorce. Said request must be accompanied by a proposal for a Regulatory Agreement, where all the conditions and agreements that have been agreed between both spouses are stated. Express divorce can be achieved as quickly as [possible as long as all these processes are met together with the professionalism you can find in an Oakville divorce lawyer.

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