The Signs that You Should Leave Your Partner

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Women seem to focus their life more on their loved ones, and it would seem that, when they do not have it, they need more a couple than men, but in practice, most married men (or a stable partner) do not shuffle the option to divorce except in extreme cases. For convenience, for keeping all the pleasant routines of home, for avoiding the risk to suffer (which is high and lasting, especially after a certain age) or because they feel they have no right to a life apart after offering to support, emotionally or economically, to a woman.

Surely we are in a time of the greater search for independence than in previous decades. From several fronts, the virtues of singleness, polygamy, the virtues of sex and demand for health are praised,and the safety of traditional couples is diminished. An unconditional love, or almost, in our life, is undoubtedly a value that must be appreciated. But today it is very difficult to settle for a practical partnership to share a mortgage, raise children and have someone to go to the cinema on the day of the viewing. It takes ‘something else’. And when there is not, it shows.

The four riders of divorce: contempt, criticism, defensive attitude and obstructionism (put walls)

From the outside, these signs, compiled by ‘ Business Insider ‘, are quite clear. Surely your friends already know it, although to see who the smart one is? Who brings up the subject in your presence? If you feel identified but do not want to lose your partner, it is a good time as another to become aware and put to work. If you are looking for the last push to leave the ship, Lydia Moritz – family lawyer in Oakville can help you.

These signs work for men and women:

You Value Yourself More

What they say is a symptom of strength and character is really a bad sign, at least as far as romantic love is concerned. Contempt is feeling that your partner is below you, instead of seeing you as an equal. According to studies being carried out, this is the true ‘kiss of death’ of a relationship. Needless to say, insulting yourself, imitating the other or rolling your eyes on your ideas are not the best thing in the world either.

There is a possibility that these worrying signs are nothing more than childish manifestations of insecurity, jealousy, a frustration that is not spoken, rage accumulated by something that can be fixed. But if the tone and talk it does not solve it, you have many cards in the bingo of separation.

You Propose Alternatives

We do not talk about flashes from time to time, fantasies that are inevitable even in happy couples. If you start thinking about a friendship like someone you could get out of, you probably already have a problem even if you had not stopped to think about it.

Another factor studied is, logically, the feeling that you can find someone without much effort. If in the moments of more happiness the ego seems to tell us that we could find who we would like but that this is the right person, when things go wrong the best motive we can think of to continue with someone is the difficulty to find a new partner. If you imagine very clearly the type of person you need (whether it is finished or not), and it does not look like your current partner.

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