Should you hire a Personal Injury Attorney after an Auto Accident in California?

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Most people believe that self-representation during personal injury claim settlement or lawsuit proceedings is a great way of saving money. As much as this is true, personal injury law is complicated, and it would be in your best interest to consult with an experienced attorney. If you have been involved in an accident, here are some of the reasons you must work with an experienced attorney.

Personal injury law can be intimidating sometimes

There are many laws governing personal injury issues, and these laws are complicated. Besides, each state has different laws. Thus, it is recommended to seek legal help if you are considering pursuing a personal injury claim. An experienced Los Angeles truck accident attorney can offer incredible insights regarding whether or not you have a valid claim and the laws that can benefit and protect your interests.

It is challenging to determine who was responsible for the accident

Whether you were the truck driver or you were in charge of the other vehicle, the law allows you to seek damages from the at-fault entity. Here are the entities who might be responsible for the truck accident.

Government agencies: Federal, state, and local agencies are often named in most traffic accident cases. This happens whenever something more than the truck driver’s actions or the truck itself causes a road crash. For instance, poorly maintained roads, overhead branches that are not trimmed properly, faulty traffic lights, missing road signs, and more could lead to an accident.

The cargo supplier: The cargo that the truck was carrying might have been a major contributing factor in the auto crash. In case the materials were unsafe for transportation, this is a serious offense. Also, if the cargo was packed in a dangerous way or improperly secured, this could cause an accident. in this case, the cargo company will be held liable for the crash.

The trailer company: In some cases, the at-fault truck may be one in which the operational part of the truck is separated from the trailer section. In this instance, the trailer company might be held responsible. Note that this can be the case if the trailer isn’t well-maintained or has issues such as blown out signal lights.

Technician or the mechanic: In case an operational failure with the truck caused an accident, then, the technician or mechanic who serviced the truck must be investigated. Some companies have in-house technicians while others opt to contact a garage. When negligence on the part of vehicle maintenance and servicing is found to be the cause of a truck accident, then, the mechanic can be held responsible.

Complex cases need skilled lawyers

If you or your loved is seeking compensation following injuries sustained in a truck accident, it is recommended to consult with a reliable and experienced attorney to understand your legal options. Remember, accidents involving commercial trucks are complicated, and you need an expert on your side to defend you.

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