Setting up Your General Power of Attorney

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Have you decided how to handle yourself and your estate if anything should happen to you? You may have thought about your will and maybe you’ve even written one up and had it hidden away. But have you thought about power of attorney? This is what happens when you’re still alive but unable to make decisions for yourself and it’s extremely important.

Your Choice for Power of Attorney

When it comes to a power of attorney, you want to choose someone who you really trust and who really knows your wishes best. You want to talk with him or her about what you want and how you would like to be cared for in the event you can’t make that choice for yourself. But just how do you do that? The best thing you can do is talk with attorneys about experienced power of attorney services in Bath. They’ll be able to walk you through the process.

  • Term limit
  • Registration
  • Conditions
  • Limitations
  • Personal liability

The Rules and Regulations

When it comes to your power of attorney, whether a general power or a lasting power, you want to make sure that you have someone you can count on to take care of you. You want someone who will make the right decisions and keep you safe. That’s why setting things up with your attorneys is the most important thing. They’re the ones who can let you know what everything means and just how it’s going to affect your life.



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