How Unemployed Claim The Government For Their Benefits

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Unemployment compensation is given to an individual who has lost their job due to circumstances upon which he/she has no control such as disability. It is often found that employers detain employees only because they have failed to fulfil their service condition due to bad health. If you have recently lost your job based on such grounds then you have the right to claim for your benefits from your employer.

Filing for claim

In order to obtain compensation, if you have been fraudulently denied of some benefits then you need to file a claim. After you file a claim, the unemployment agencies will try to review or check whether you deserve compensation or not. The review procedure might involve interviewing you and also your past employer. Once your claim is sanctioned by the agency then you can file for weekly claims and is able to receive compensations.

Reasons for denial of unemployment claims

If your claims are denied by a government employment agency then you can file an appeal against that agency by claiming that the evidence collected by that agency was incorrect. The unemployment attorney Michigan aims at helping you out by claiming for your denied compensations. The following are the reasons for denial of your unemployment claims.

  • Your employment claim might deny by the agencies if you are fired by your employer due to misconduct. However it not always corrects that misconduct rejects your claims but in case your employer gives valid reason for your misconduct then your claim will be denied.
  • If you have quit your job and the reasons for quitting the job does not matches with that of the agencies principles then your claim will be rejected.
  • An individual who was not involved in an employment with no fixed income source then that person cannot claim for any unemployment compensation.

Document required for denial of claim

The claiming procedures are different for each country but it is mandatory in almost every country that your petitions should be made as soon as you left the job. In some states an individual might have to fill up a form and after you submit the forms you will get summon from court. The applicants are required to present adequate evidences to the court so as to grant his/her appeal.


  • Bring paycheck in case your employer has given an incorrect report of your earnings.
  • Bring witness in case your claims have been rejects on the grounds of your behaviour.

Benefits of obtaining compensation

It can be said that the unemployment compensation acts as a source of income to those who have lost their jobs due to some health issues. Each and every individual should be given the right to ask for their services. The unemployment attorney Michigan is helping people to claim for their rights with the help of four steps and these are:

  • Claims
  • Appeal
  • Application
  • Litigation

Therefore it can be said that if you have recently denied by your employer of the unemployment compensation then immediately file for claim to any government agency. You have to provide adequate evidence to prove yourself eligible for this compensation.

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