How to Handle Problems with Elderly, Minors or Guardships

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In Florida there is a guardianship lawyer Brandon might be necessary for several reasons such as an elderly parent might become debilitated and can no longer be able to take care of their property or care for themselves. A minor child may lose both parents or receive property valued at over $15,000 or a disabled child turns 18 and the parents can no longer make healthcare of legal decisions for the child that is disabled.

Elderly people

Legal difficulties facing elderly person are frequentlyinterrelated and complex. Laurie Ohall is Brandon elder law attorney Board Certified in Florida elder for the law, meaning she is one of few attorneys in Tampa is legally a specialist in Elder law. She is current with changing law in Florida Medicare and Florida Medicaid and how these programs affecting the senior population.

Clients specific goals

When clients come into this firm, usually they often have a specific problem in mind. Some want to generate a plan that will shield a family member, whereas others are concerned in defending a minor child, an elderly parent or plans for a 2nd marriage. The Law Offices Ohall, work with clients to find the best way to meet their goals, whatsoever that might be.

Decedent’s assets

When a person dies, all their assets need be moved out of her or his name. Property owned jointly has beneficiary named, or upon death they are payable,don’t have to go through the probate court. But, all assets that are titled only in the name of the decedentneed to go to probate court and this can take between 6 to 12 months. At the time of death, all assets need to be disposed and taxes and debts are paid. So, it is vital to have a probate attorney you can trust.

So, this law firm in Brandon can handle problems with:

  • Guardianships
  • Law for minors
  • Law for elderly
  • Decedent assets
  • Probate
  • Needs with 2nd marriage

If you live in Brandon and need help in any of the above areas, this is a good place to get information.

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