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The criminal justice system is a huge and complex world, and each specific lawyer has their own role and specialty for different cases that they deal with particularly with criminal defense attorneys that stands on the court on the side of the defendant which is the accused of criminal charges.

The prosecutor’s goal is enforcing the laws for the convicted offenders and to make sure that they are sentenced to the appropriate penalties or punishment depending on the crime that they committed once proven guilty during the trial. The judge is the person who is on the neutral zone who makes the final decision and come up with the verdict while the defense attorney is the one who will be there to fight for the rights of the defendant.

According to the law under the United States, all defendants have their rights which are their right against the unreasonable searches and seizures, their right to remain silent, their right to a reasonable bail, their right against double jeopardy, their right to have a swift trial, their right to have a jury trial, and their right to examine the witnesses of the crime that they are accused to have committed.

A defendant’s most important right is that they have a legal representation in the court which is part of the Sixth Amendment, and according to a veteran New York criminal attorney, this will be one of the key things that a defendant should always think of when they are facing criminal charges which they believe that they are falsely accused.

The defendant should always remember that the law does not require a defense attorney, but neither the police neither the prosecutors who denies the defendant to invoke their rights. Criminal lawyers or defense attorneys not just represent an accused or a criminal on the court but also, they serve a lot of purposes which tremendously improve the outcome of a certain case. They are there to ensure that the courts do not convict a defendant wrongfully or imposing excessive sentences in case of convictions, but a criminal lawyer does a lot of work before the final verdict is announced.

A defense attorney or a criminal lawyer should always look for their clients by working with them side-by-side and protect their rights in the entire duration of the trial.

Below is the list of what criminal lawyers or defense attorneys act whenever they have a client facing criminal charges.

·         To be present during police interrogations and interviews together with the client.

·         To have a valid argument in court in reducing the client’s bail to a much fair amount.

·         To give advice to their clients about viable options in pleading and looking on the implications for a guilty plea.

·         To have the freedom to interview witnesses, and to gather more evidence supporting their client’s claim for innocence.

·         Examining the circumstances thoroughly of the searches conducted by the police upon arrest under any Fourth Amendment violations.

·         Examining the chemical tests, and results of any Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and drug-related cases of the client from the forensic laboratory technicians to ensure there was no error of its results.

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