Elite Investigations is Las Vegas’ Most Comprehensive Private Investigative Agency

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If you are in need of a Las Vegas detective, Elite Investigations can help with a wide array of issues from domestic investigations to corporate investigations. Whether you’re looking for corporate surveillance or spousal surveillance, Elite Investigations is available to help in many different investigative areas. When you need help with an investigation it is important to seek the help of an investigator who has years of experience with surveillance, background checks, fraud investigations, missing persons searches, and more.

Corporate Investigations

With large corporations, there can be issues that need professional investigating. In the business world there are opportunities for employees and competitors to act unethically or even illegally, including laundering money and workplace misconduct. You hear stories of these things happening on the news everyday, but may think it won’t happen to your business. Maybe you have someone who made a disability claim that needs to be investigated if the injury doesn’t match their story. You may an agency with Las Vegas fraud investigation experience to conduct an investigation into an injury claim. Elite Investigations never oversteps their boundaries and they have years of legal experience to conduct an investigation in a way that will ensure everything is done correctly.

Domestic Investigations

At some point in your life, you may be suspicious about a person and need to run a background check and possibly surveillance. Elite Investigations has access to thousands of databases to search through that often provide the answers you need. If you have a trickier case that needs more detective work, Elite Investigations has everything from spousal surveillance and missing persons search to electronic countermeasures and assets research.

So don’t go without the answers you need and contact Elite Investigations today. They will help you to uncover information missing to help solve your corporate or domestic case. With years of experience and positive testimonials from previous clients, it is certain that you will have a positive experience working with Elite Investigations.

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