Covering Your Legal Bases: 5 Solid Reasons to Have an Attorney by Your Side Suing for Personal Injury (LA

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Diving into the world of personal injury law without an attorney is never advisable. If you are suing a large company, they will have teams of lawyers ready and waiting to shoot down your case. Even if you are suing a small company or individual, without help from someone that knows the law inside out, your chances of success are low.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in the LA area, visit If you still need convincing, here are five reasons why you need a personal injury attorney by your side before you file a personal injury lawsuit.

The Law is More Complicated than You Think

Even practicing attorneys get legal help rather than attempt to represent themselves in court. The reason being, the law is far more complicated than most people think. Attorneys specialise in one specific legal area for a reason. The depth of information, not just on the law itself, but also how it is applied, is just too vast to make it feasible to master more than one area.

Chances are you don’t have the depth of legal knowledge required or the time to put aside to learn it, to effectively represent yourself.

You Will Likely Receive More Money for Your Case

If getting an attorney means the difference between receiving $5,000 and $500,000, then the small outlay of hiring an attorney will have a significant financial benefit.

Some people decide to forgo an attorney because they don’t want to split their compensation with anyone. But these people usually end up receiving far less compensation anyway. The average represented plaintiff receives 3.5 times more in a settlement than the non-represented plaintiff. It is a far better financial decision to invest in an attorney.

They Will Help You Establish Proof

Even if you think you have a clear-cut case where the other person was liable, you would be surprised how difficult it can be to establish proof. People will do anything to get out of being held financially responsible for their mistakes.

An experienced attorney will help you build your case and work with you to ensure you have undertaken the necessary measures to establish proof, including finding witnesses, gathering police reports, and using photos and videos to document your injuries.

They Know What Your Case is Worth

One of the most difficult aspects of personal injury law is knowing the value of a case. The other party will always attempt to settle your case for the smallest value possible. It is up to your attorney to negotiate with the other party and come to an agreement which both parties consider fair.

However, if you do not have an attorney, you may not have an accurate value of what your case is worth. If you overestimate your case’s value, you could needlessly spend money on bringing your case to trial. Underestimate it, and you could settle for far less than you are entitled to.

You Get a Free Consultation

Personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation. This means you don’t have to pay anything to receive legal advice. Use this consultation to ask questions and see for yourself how hiring an attorney can benefit you and your case.

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